Raw cow & goat milk, cheese and yogurt

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We are a Christian family with a  small home dairy that has surplus milk to sell to our customers. We have one Lamancha, one Nubian/Saanen cross, a Nubian goat, one Alpine/Nubian cross, a LaMancha/Alpine cross  and a full sized Jersey cow on a small acreage in Stillwater, OK. 

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  • "Nov. 2018 I like your milk and yogurt, so do my kids. The Squeaky cheese is the best! Need to try more. "
    Lauren Brown, Enid, OK
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  • "2-1-19 I love, love, love your goat milk and already drank one quart yesterday! Thank you so much for all the yummy goat milk. It's much easier on my stomach, and definitely be..."
    Susan Keller, Edmond, OK
    LOVE IT!